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F. Dodi & A. Zeni: Catalogo generale degli annulli meccanici italiani. Periodo: 1901-1946.

Download information: http://www.lafilatelia.it/forum/viewtopic.php?f=92&t=29091. The first entry of this topic contains links to two PDF files. This are the catalogue.

"FilateliCa - La Filatelia nel III Millennio" is the motto of a congress which took place between 28th and 30th September 2012 in Lavagna (Province of Genoa). The congress is organized by the internet forum "Filatelia e Franco Bolli" (http://www.lafilatelia.it) at different sites. 2012 was the sixth edition of that congress. The program consisted of 17 half hour lectures and and three guided discussions. A CD titled "Atti del Congresso" containing the slides of the presentations has been released. This CD is for the price of 8, - âéČ (excluding porto) can be ordered from Luca Lavagnio (luca.lavagnino @ alice.it). Many areas of philately are covered: there are post-historical contributions as well as contributions to classical and thematic philately.

I could not participate in the congress itself but my highlight of the CD were the slides to the lecture Francesco Dodi e Alessandro Zeni "Catalogo generale degli italiani annulli Meccanici 1901 - 1945", in which Alessandro and Francesco present their progress in creating a catalog of Italian machine cancel. The slides did not give me the idea, that the catalog is ready, Alessandro had suggested in May that he still have two years of work on the catalog to do. So I was more than surprised when on 16th October an announcement reached me, that the catalog is available for free download. The Authors explicitly point out that the catalog will always be free and expect Notes, if someone tries to sell it.

Free does not mean that this catalog is worthless - on the conterary, it provides a good overview of all the slogan cancels used in Italian kingdom. Each advertising insert is shown - this is different to the previous two catalogs on Italian machine cancels: the catalogs of Corrado Bartolomasi (published in 1966) and the brothers Ornaghi, were the latest additions appeared in 2000. On top of that each slogan is valued on rarity. Since the catalog available as a PDF, it is certain that it will appear on the iPads of the Italian stamp collectors, since it is more convenient to take with you on philatelistic events.

For thematic philatelists this catalog is a lot easier to handle than the precursors. Besides the pictures this is originated in the fact that these precursors are only rarely available in second hand bookshops. And: Dodi/Zeni have combined similar looking cancels into one catalog number, where Ornaghi has used several numbers. But this is also an approach to criticism: certainly Ornaghi exaggerated in the diversification of the catalog numbers, when they award own catalog numbers any damage of the border lines - which occur sometimes on machine cancels. But Dodi/Zeni put even modificated cancels under the same catalogue number. Here's an example: During the eleventh International Art Exhibition 1914 in Venice a slogan cancel with the text "XI Esposizione / INTERNAZIONALE d'Arte / VENICE / APRIL - OTTOBRE 1914" has been used. 6 years later, this art exhibition took place again - and the advertising insert was re-used - after the XI and the 1914 were cut out. Ornaghi awards an own number to this modified cancel, Dodi/Zeni only mention the modification in a footnote to the original. This reduces the utility of this catalog. Another unfortunate decission was to ommit the places (post office) which had used the cancels. These have been given in the previous catalogues. The list in the appendix giving all post office, which have had canceling machines, is not a sufficient replacement. Collectors, who collect only single places still have to hunt for an Ornaghi, to be sure, which slogans were used in his town.

From the perspective of marcophilic collector, it is unfortunate that the usage times have been relegated to a separate table in the appendix, let's see if this will change in a future release. The next version is already announced. Some corrections and additions have already been arrived at the autors, even if the publication is just four days old. Here digital publishing has definite advantages: a corrected edition caused the authors and publishers no additional costs. How the Philately will develop in the third millennium is hard to predict - the Italian Markophilie has certainly taken the first hurdles. Some hope came from the age of the two authors: the average age is quite below 35, so we can expect some great works during the next few decades. One comment in the forum asks already for the publication date of the second volume - the republic. (SFJ)